Neem for Head Lice

Neem for Head Lice
Neem for Head Lice

Neem is ideal for confiscating lice, nits and lymph from scalp. Its fruits and leaves are used to prepare anti-lice packs; it is 100 percent natural and can be used without getting worried of side effects. It’s safe enough to use for the kids as well.

Remove Lice with Neem Leaves-Garlic Mixture

Pluck 7-8 leaves of Neem and wash them thoroughly with a lot of water to make them free of dirt. After washing, make the mixture of Neem leaves with 5-6 cloves of garlic cloves by grinding them in a grinder. Collect the mixture in a bowl and add some lemon juice and required quantity of water in it and stir all the ingredients well to get a moderately thick paste. Massage the prepared mixture into the hair roots before going to bed in the night. Rinse the hair meticulously next morning. All the lice will be removed from the scalp during the hair wash. Use the remedy for 4-5 consecutive days to make the hair utterly lice free(head lice).

Use Nimbori Pack to Chuck Out Lice

An utterly ripped Neem fruit, ‘Nimbori’, is a very effective remedy for removing all forms of lice from hair. Ripped Nimbori fall down from the tree; pick some fallen Nimboris and dry them in hot sun shine. In almost 2-3 days these Nimboris will completely dry up. After they dry up fully, take their seeds out by removing their skin. Then after rinse the seeds and make their semi-liquid paste with water.

Using a cotton ball, apply the nimbori paste on the hair roots. Then after tie the entire hair in the form of a bun and cover them up with shower cap. Hold it for 4-5 hours and then rinse the hair meticulously with water and shampoo. Give tepid oil’s massage to the scalp once the hairs dry up naturally and leave it as it is for all the night. Wash the hair and scalp using regular shampoo next morning. This remedy is very effective in getting rid of lice, lymph and nits. Use it for two consecutive days to get absolutely clean hair.