Negative Effects Of Smoking on Hair and Skin


Negative Effects Of Smoking on Hair and SkinMany people are worried about hair loss and also facing problems of skin but if they concentrate on his or her self then they should realize that one thing is a main cause of all disturbance and if they didn`t stop it on time then it’s bad effect prevailed in their whole body.

Smoking may give you temporary relief, but it damages your youth and really bad effects on your external and internal body. I personally consult many doctors and they told me that if a person smoke a cigarette then one hour of his/her life subtract and many diseases are relating with this bad habit, blood pressure, heart attack and cancer are main diseases which are a real fact if any one smoke.

How Smoking damage your hair and skin

Smoke of a cigarette burns your lips and your lips look ugly and pinkness of your lips gone very fast. Your hair goes to rough and you face a big problem of hair loss. Stomach is every time disturbed and chemical reaction starts in our stomach which badly affects our digestive system.

Negative Effects Of Smoking on Hair and Skin-

You look old in young age and also cannot work hard; it stops our production of vitamin and minerals which are essential for skin and also for hair. Smoking speeds up the process of thinning of hair in men and women as well as smoke blocks nutrients to the head.

In very short time wrinkles appear around eyes and go deeper and deeper very fast. Inhaled tobacco damages structures of the skin as well as blood vessels around the eyes due to the harmful chemicals produced by it.