New Arrivals For Women 2012 by IBRAHIM HANIF


Party of Women’s Clothing and formal wear collection after the success of 2011. Hanif Ibrahim seems to be involved design of new revenue this year, 2012. Hanif Ibrahim’s leading fashion designer of Pakistan very keen on fashion is one of the early teens. Hanif Ibrahim came to market with his first album in 2010.

Hanif Ibrahim has recently developed a new collection in 2012 a formal women’s clothing, including an attractive and stylish clothes. Each collection dress with embroidery and lace to embellish. Ibrahim Haneef dresses are only present in our culture, and the color theme of this collection in 2012, a very decent and nice ..

Album: Photo of New Arrivals For Women 2012 by IBRAHIM HANIF

Album: Photo of Winter Collection’11-12 by Zahra Ahmed

Stay a little below and see the beautiful and magnificent collection of party wear dresses Ibrahim Haneef in 2012 .. Check out ..