Nine Steps to a Perfect Natural Makeup Look (Part I)


Nine Steps to a Perfect Natural Makeup Look (Part I)Makeup is a highly ill-defined term; some use it as beauty-enhancement tool while others use it to mask up skin flaws and create illusion of flawless complexion. But, the actual purpose of makeup is to make the most of your best features and make us look more gorgeous and lucrative.

However, one thing should always be kept in mind that excess of anything can be devastating. Overdone makeup can end you up looking like a clown rather than a diva. So, it is very important to learn a few essential tips and tricks to make your make up look ‘natural’.

Maintain Healthier Skin

The first and foremost step towards a natural-looking makeup is maintenance of a healthier complexion. To keep your skin healthy and glowing you must ensure to take a balanced, nourishing diet, consume plenty of water and steer clear of junk foods that tend to spoil your skin.

Keep it Cleansed and Moisturized

Your skin ought to be properly clean and well-moisturized if you really want to make your makeup look natural. Make it a point to cleans, exfoliate and tone your skin naturally to get rid of dust, grime and dead skin and keep your skin glowing and radiant. Also don’t forget to moisturize your skin every now and then to keep it soft and supple.

Fix Skin Issues

Not everyone is blessed enough to have clear, flawless skin. So, if you’re suffering any skin issues like breakouts, blemishes or marks etc, getting them treated should be your first priority. When your skin is clear, it doesn’t need any coverage and thus it looks more natural.