Nine Steps to a Perfect Natural Makeup Look (Part II)


Three Most Common Skincare Mistakes-Choose Right Foundation

Choosing right foundation color is another aspect of accomplishing a purely natural look. The color you pick should be close to your natural coloring. If picked up wrong, the foundation can end you up with a yellowish face or a masked look. Also be sure to blend the foundation thorough into your skin so as to avoid a caky look and follow it up with a dust of translucent powder. This will absorb excess oil and will make your foundation lasting.

Conceal Skin Flaws

You can’t procure a natural look if any wrinkles, rings or blemishes that might have present on your skin are not masked properly. A concealer is best suited for this purpose. Create an even coverage and get an even, clear skin in return.

Makeup Technique

The makeup technique you use also counts a lot when it comes to create a natural look with makeup. Apply the cosmetic using small, gentle strokes and also blend them perfectly to get an innate finish.

Eye Makeup

For scoring a perfect natural makeup look eye makeup needs to be kept minimal. A light colored eyeshadow accompanied with moderately thick lining of the eyelid close to the natural lashline and single coat of mascara is enough for a natural look.

Lip Color

When you are after a natural look, lip color need to be chose very carefully. The ideal lipstick color for a natural look is the one you see when you press your fingertips. Or skipping lippy and just using a lip gloss is also a good idea.