How To Treat Oily Skin Body Packs


How to treat oily skin body packs needs extra care because it is more prone to skin infections such as pimples; acne etc. Body packs for oily skin are prepared using the ingredients that can cleanse the skin and absorb extra oil from the skin. One such oily skin body pack is fuller’s earth body pack. It can be easily prepared and applied at home.

Cleanse The Body First

First, remove all the dirt and other impurities from skin by cleansing it with any quality cleansing milk.

Give Oil Massage to the Body

Though, giving oil massage to an already oily skin sounds odd but it is necessary to be done for improving blood circulation and strengthening the body. Since, oily skin doesn’t require much oil hence use the coconut oil or vitamin E oil combined with lemon juice in ratio of 1:2. Mix both the ingredients well and give massage of this mixture to the skin. Massage the entire body for almost half an hour moving the hands forward and backward firmly.

how to treat oily skin

Remove Excess Oil By Wrapping Damp Towel

After the massage, take the excess oil away from the skin by wrapping a damp towel all around the body. Damp the towel by dipping it in tepid water and ensure extracting excess water from it before wrapping it around the body. Since covering the entire body at once is somewhat difficult so first wrap the upper part of body and then the lower one. Repeat it two or three times to take away all the excess oil, open up the skin pores and remove the impurities accumulated in the pores.

how to treat oily skin

Put on Fuller’s Earth Body Pack

Clay body packs cleanse the body thoroughly and take away excess oil from the skin that’s why they are considered ideal for the oily skin. Fuller’s earth body pack is one of such clay packs for body. It can be prepared as, mix ½ cup fuller’s earth, 1 tbs. sandalwood powder and 2 tbs. rose water together; also add required water in it to get a medium thick paste. Put on the paste to the entire body with the help of a flat brush. Allow it dry up naturally; it might take 15 minutes or more to get dry. Once the pack utterly dries up, shake over water on it and let it dry up again. Finally take shower with cold water and tap dry the skin with soft towel.