Oily Skin Care Treatments


Oily Skin Care Treatments – Oily skin is most commonly seen among the age of 15 – 30. This type of skin is with the overactive sebaceous glands either at the entire face or at the T zone area, at the forehead, nose and chin. One of the major problems with this skin is that as we touch the skin to remove the oil from the skin it will stimulate the sebaceous glands more and the skin gets oilier. The oily skin is much more prone to different eruptions as pimples, acne, blackheads and white heads.


Following ways are helpful in combating with high secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands:

DAILY CLEANSING WITH OIL FREE LOTION: At night you are not working with your face but the sebaceous glands are working continuously. If you sleep with dirt and grimes of the environment then you will notice that these will create the skin problems and eruptions at the skin by meeting with oil of glands.  Before going to bed remove the dirt particles and oil of the skin with the oil free cleanser regularly.


USE LESS OILY PRODUCTS IN SKIN CARE: It is so simple and well known fact that the oily skin if get dried with alcohol and other oil free chemicals then it wills secret more oil to compensate the deficiency. Instead of this use the water based products for oily skin. These will neutralize the oily secretion of the skin and with passage of time the secretion levels gets balanced.


AVOID STRESS: It is observed that stress causes the more secretion of oils with the perspiration from the sweat glands of the skin. It also changes the hormonal level which is the major cause of oil secretion from the skin. With your oily skin not to be panic and worried, stay relax and see the amazing results of the stress management and relaxation.


EAT HEALTHY: Our diet ultimately becomes the part of our body, what we eat will surely reflect outside in form of our skin texture. Eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables will increase the glow and youthful appearance of the skin. The fibrous foods are also do good job in removing the production of toxic substances from the body. By taking the wise steps in food selection improve the oily nature of the skin. Also avoids the sugary greasy foods to make the skin normal.


DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: By drinking enough water as 12 glasses per day is greatly helpful in eliminating the problem.  If the skin is well hydrated it will surely secrete less oils and turn to be normal one.