Old Secrets For Modern Beauty


Old Secrets For Modern BeautyI seriously think that there were 100s of home remedies that old ancient women used to do to get those glorious and marvelous beauty and they used natural things to get shinny looks, we know that Indian and Asian woman are the best in discovering the important ingredients that anyone can use to get fair, shiny and glorious beauty and that are what we are going to do to get ancient beauty.

First of all you need to understand that you need to do so many things like you need to start a healthy lifestyle, you need to follow some healthy tips to get healthy food and healthy habits, then you need to look after your skin, hair, eyes and teeth and at the same time you need to follow few medications too to develop the health youth and glorious aging.

Now we will start from healthy lifestyle, you can start that life style as soon as possible, you should start eating healthy fresh fruit, if you are man then you can eat some junk food too, but if you are woman then stop eating rubbish even in your teens, eat uncooked green vegetables, fruits and beans eat lots of healthy nuts and boiled, roosted, steamed meat and drink lots of lots of water.

Now you need to look after your appearance too, look after your skin and it is better if you start at the age of 16 or so and look after your skin issues, it is better if you fix them even before it get damaged, drink lots of water, maintain a healthy cleaning routine, take care of your pores, apply sun block when you go out, and now we are going to share some simple and some very good ingredients that are very good for your skin and your body, fist of all we will share some ingredients that are good for your skin.

You can use honey, yogurt, mint, avocado, aloe vera, goat milk and almonds if you have dry skin, if you have oily skin then try lime honey, tomato, herbs, ice cubes and rose water to treat your oily skin, and if you have normal skin then you just need to look after your skin and cleaning routine and you will be absolutely fine , now at the end we are going to share a very good mask with you that you can use to treat your skin and this is really good in you use it as a soap and face wash, you need to keep one jar or gram flour and one jar of dried peel powder of orange and if you have oily skin then just mix these too and add few drops of lime in it and apply over your face and after 15 minutes scrub it off, if you have dry skin then just replace lime with milk or yogurt and if you have normal skin then try plain rose water and see the magic of this simple mask and you would love the result.