One Headband, Three Ways to Wear It


One Headband, Three Ways to Wear ItThe headband was a micro trend on Fall 2012 runways, best demonstrated at Oscar De La Renta and Dolce & Gabbana. Though the idea of making use of different accessories to transform the look sounds very appealing, but pulling off a headband until you don’t know different styles to wear it can be quite hard. One Headband, Three Ways to Wear ItHere are given three different ways to wear a headband.

Boho HeadbandBoho Headband

Boho place your headband across the forehead, just underneath the hairline, and secure it on top of your hair. This headband styles works chicly with a middle part and a few loose waves to play-up the bohemian vibe. It’s not a work appropriate look but you can proudly pull it off for a night-out, a get-together and a party.

Runway HeadbandRunway Headband

Another adorable style to wear a circlet is Runway. It places the band over your head and a bit frontward above the forehead. Paired with straight, smooth and silky hair, the look would be clean and up-to-date. This versatile style looks incredibly great with jeans and you can rock it to cocktails.

Princess HeadbandPrincess Headband

Princess Place the headdress further back to make it sit towards the tiara of your head. This classic, feminine look can be styled with a soft round-brush blowout. It might be an ideal hairstyle option for a brunch date.