Orange & Honey For Glowing Skin


Orange & Honey For Glowing SkinWe are sharing some tips with you that will not only good for your glowing skin, but they are really good for your complexion and texture too they are natural and they are 100% effective. You should drink lots of water in a day and now ad some lime and honey in to lose weight, get Vitamin C and perfect drink for glowing hair and skin.

Squeeze half a lemon and add to warm water with honey and drink three time a day and lose three KGs in a week without any hard work.
To purify your blood, drinks lots of lemonade and that will not only give you some marvelous looks, but it will get your system going too.

You can treat any kind of oily skin with a best pack made with orange, add some orange in clay and mix with rose water and apply over your face for 45 minutes every day and get smooth flawless glowing skin in one week.

Sprinkle some salt on one piece of orange and rub over your face for 10 minute and then let it on for another 45 minutes and then wash it off with cold water for clear skin.

To deal with blemishes, scars on your skin apply this mask, mix tomato pulp, turmeric, and curd and gram flour and apply that for 45 minutes every day or you can try to use every other day and you will love the impact.

To get fair and smooth skin rub lemon peel with honey on the skin and wash off after few minutes with chilled water, when you use lime never wash your face with soap or any washing product…..
Grind some dry orange peel and keep it in your washroom, you can use it alone or you can add gram flour with it to get glowing skin and fair face.

You can use corn flour and curd too get a deep cleanings and if you feel that this need some beats too then you can add some poppy seeds in it applied everyday helps keep the skin clean. Now at the end I would like to tell you that all those fruits that you like to eat can be the best face pack for you and can be used to get fair and smooth skin, you just need to see if they are good for scrubbing or massaging.
Enjoy and be happy.