Organic Hair Care Recipes & Natural Hair Care Tips


Organic Hair Care RecipesOrganic Hair Care Recipes – The impact of synthetic chemicals on human body is great endangering. Chemicals are found in every thing we eat or every thing we use for health and body care. Detoxifying your body by following the best eliminating diet and restricting your exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals, can set you on the path to recovering good health and well-being. The best way to keep all the things which comes in to our contact at the correct track is by the use of home made organic recopies for body care.

Organic Hair Care Recipes

To prepare your own shampoo and conditioners for hair care give you many benefits as you are aware and confident about the ingredients.

Here are recipes for organic hair shampoo and conditioner:

Hair Shampoo in BeautyHAIR SHAMPOO:

The structure of hair is such that it contains proteins in its texture. To nourish our hair with proteins we can use eggs. The raw eggs contain proteins, and many other essential nutrients as iron, calcium, vitamins A, D, E B12, and selenium. All these help to strengthen the hair follicles. With eggs the honey and the aloe Vera used. These have the antibacterial properties, which will leave the hairs clean and amazingly shiny.


1 raw brown organic egg.

1 table spoon of honey.

2 table spoon of organic aloe Vera gel.

Tea tree is effective if you have dandruff.


Blend all these by manual whip or with fork. Under the shower massage your hair with this mixture for one minute. After few minutes work rinse your hair with normal temperature water. Dry as usual and no conditioner is applied.

It will leave the hair clean and shiny.


For organic hair conditioners the yogurt is used as base,Yougrut based conditioners are placed in fridge for couple of days. Here are some home made hair conditioners.


¼ OZ plain organic yogurt

1 egg yolk

2 lemons


Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply on hair. Leave it for 40 minutes in hairs. It will be applied weekly for organic conditioning treatment.

It is great fun and cheaper way to prepare your own organic hair care treatment.