[PICS] Evan Rachel Wood New Pixie Cut


[PICS] Evan Rachel Wood New Pixie CutAs the summer season has set in all over the globe. although 21st June is supposed to be the hottest day.

Pixie cut style in summer very beauty on light and charming face, her face are very beauty and stylish withe curly hair.

Evan Rachel Wood came to the premiere party of “True Blood” Season 4 on Tuesday night, June 21 with a new look.

Due to summer, if your hair felt heavier, you need to handle them more dramatically. Hold the hair from both sides, close to your ear, and tie them up above the ear.

Every younger girl want be a trendily hair style be gossip style.  in summer season like a short hair and step hair style on face.

[PICS] Evan Rachel Wood New Pixie Cut-2Evan Rachel Wood accentuated her androgynous new look with a chic gray vest. She recently came out as bisexual during an interview with Esquire Magazine.

Evan Rachel Wood said, “I never wanted to look back and be like, ‘Oh, man. I wish when I was young I had just hopped on that tour bus”.