Pimple Remedy and Cures


A perfect and spotless skin makes the person look more pretty and attractive. But some common skin problems such as pimples and acne take away skin’s beauty and freshness. However, it is not much difficult to cure such skin infections. Pimple and acne can be easily cured by using homemade recipes. Though, the preparation of anti-pimple packs takes time and also take time in healing the pimple but even then they are ideal because they are cheap and don’t have any side effects. Few homemade packs are given; try them, you will surely find them effective.

Use Orange Peel to Cure Pimples

Orange peel powder combined with rose water can give you relief from pimples. Mix 1 tsp. of rose water in 2 tsp. of orange peel powder and stir well to make a smooth mixture. Apply the prepared mixture on the pimple and let it air dry for 15 minutes. Later swab it with normal water. Use the remedy regularly for a week to get a spotless and perfect skin.

Garlic Paste: Quick Remedy for Pimples

Grate 8-9 cloves of fresh garlic to get the garlic paste. Clean the affected skin and apply the freshly prepared garlic past on the pimples. Allow the garlic juice to penetrate deep inside the skin layer that is below the pimples. Wash the skin using tepid water after 15 minutes. Apply the paste for three consecutive days; you will surely get the desired outcome.

Blob Cinnamon and Honey Paste on Pimple

Pimples disappear soon if they dry up quickly. Paste of cinnamon powder and honey can serve this purpose very effectively. Prepare a paste by mixing 2 tsp. honey and ½ tsp. cinnamon powder thoroughly. Clean the pimple skin; dab the prepared paste on the pimples and the skin around them before going to bed and leave it as it is overnight. Wash it off with tepid water next morning. In a week you will notice remarkable improvement in your skin condition.