Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth


Powerful Home Remedies For Hair GrowthIf you are not new then you would know that we were talking about some healthy home remedies that are god for your hair and your scalp too in our previous blog Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth and now we are continuing the same line and we are trying to find out some strong home remedies that are good for our hair and our beauty.

Cumin seeds, this is a very useful seed, you can use it for healthy stomach and you can use it for healthy hair and skin too and today we are going to talk about cumin seed for healthy hair and you can use it to grow long hair too, just soak one tablespoon of cumin seed in three table spoon oil you can use any essential oil and in the morning make a thick past of these seeds and then massage your scalp and hair with it and after that wash with mild shampoo,
Garlic, it is a very good way to make your blood circulation fast, it is very good if you are trying to get some thick hairs, and you can use it with simple mask that you can make with natural cloves of garlic, boil some cloves of crushed garlic in any essential oil but the best is if you boil them in olive oil or coconut oil and then store it in glass bottle and use it for hair massage and see the result.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth-

Vitamin E oil: – I don’t think that I need to make any kind of explanation and introduction of Vitamin E, it is really good for your hair and your skin and it has so many healthy and super good properties that not only help you get healthy skin but it help repair and production of healthy cells too, so you can use it for your healthy hair too and for that you just need to buy Vitamin E capsules and massage to your follicles and that will provide moisturizer that is very essential for healthy hair.

Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sage Oil & Other Essential Oils: – you need to understand that oiling is one thing that you have to do for best results, there is no substitute of oiling and there is nothing that can show better results. You have to apply any essential oil 5 times a week and then best is apply on neat and clean hair and massage for 15 minutes and wash after 2 hours and if it is possible then try get healthy hair deep conditioning treatments three times a week.

Eat healthy food, drink lots of water and stay away from harsh and unhealthy products and tools and if it’s possible then try to cover your hair whenever you go out because sunshine is not good for your hair and it can sabotage your hair and scalp too.