Practical Makeup Tips for Rainy Days


Practical Makeup Tips for Rainy DaysWith rainy season just around the corner, you might look for some right makeup tips and techniques to keep it from ruining because of heavy rain. While, makeup techniques for about every season come in handy but finding out the just right techniques for rainy season can be quite tough.

However, no need to worry any more, since we are here with some four makeup techniques that will help you put your face right back on and fight your way through the rain! Scroll down to explore the makeup techniques for rainy season.

1. Tinted Moisturizer

While you’re dealing with rain and humidity, your foundation is supposed to be waterproof. Though, it’s okay if you use a waterproof foundation, but if you want smoother and evener coverage that can last all day long and can keep rain and humidity from ruining your makeup then I recommend you to use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Not only a sheer coat of tinted moisturizer will stay on for long but will make the rest of your makeup lasting too. Give this tip a go and see the wonders it can work for you.

2. Water-resistant mascara

Needless to say, when it comes to water and mascara, water-resistant mascara is an obligation since you won’t want your mascara to spill, leaving stains over you entire face. So, always make sure to use waterproof mascara all through the rainy season.

3. Crème Blush

One more rainy days makeup trick orbits blush. Since its rainy season, put the powder blush in your makeup bags and find out a quality cream blush for you. Remember, powder blush works well when you’re out in the fall, crisp air, but in rain, you should use something that will flaunt and stay stuck. And creamy blush is just the thing you need.

4. High Quality lipstick

And last but surely not the least; lipstick! It’s a common belief among many women that that some brands such as Wet and Wild will work for every temperature, but it’s wrong ladies! If you want your pouts to look lush, soft and colorful on rainy day, invest in a premium quality lipstick. Try it! It really works.

Makeup Tips for Rainy DaysMakeup Tips for Rainy Days-