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Precautions During Early Pregnancy & Early Pregnancy Care Tips

Precautions During Early PregnancyGetting a positive pregnancy result is undoubtedly a much awaited moment in every woman’s life that’s why the new become more conscious about their health. Especially the females who are going to be Mom for the first time, want to check out the precautions that are essential to be followed during pregnancy to ensure safety for themselves and their unborn babies.

Precautions During Early Pregnancy

So many changes occur inside a woman’s body during her pregnancy so in this phase certain things and foods may cause several side effects. Let’s find out some special precautions during while being pregnant,Precautions During Early Pregnancy.

Alcohol: During pregnancy, excessive intake of alcohol may be a major cause of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that is a severe health condition of your baby. The doctors and health specialist always suggest to avoid alcohol during pregnancy.

Caffeine: There are numerous side effects, which are linked to excess use of caffeine, including insomnia, altered heartbeat, anxiety, irritability and nervousness. During pregnancy excess use of caffeine may affect the health of baby so a pregnant woman should avoid coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks etc.

Fish and other Seafood: The pregnant women should avoid seafood including fish as it may be harmful for the health of fetus due to its high levels of mercury. Swordfish, tilefish and Shark are some kinds of fish, which should be avoided.

Uncooked Foods: Eating lightly cooked or uncooked foods might cause parasites and other infections in woman’s body during pregnancy, thus always eat foods that are cooked correctly,Precautions During Early Pregnancy.

Medication: during pregnancy, women should avoid any kind of medicine or drug, especially in the first trimester because in this phase, mostly important organs of fetus are developmental stage and the growth of important organs can get troubled by the side effect of any medicine.

Cigarettes: Smoking is a bad habit, which can ruin the overall health of a normal person. The mothers, who don’t avoid this habit during pregnancy, may be at the higher risks to deliver a low birth weight child. The other side effects are infections, diseases and breathing problems.

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