Premature Skin Aging For Skin Care


Our skin is the most important organ of our body like other organs as heart, lungs, kidney etc but all other organs are inside the body and are protected by the skin from the environment, But how to protect skin from the environmental factors? It is now our duty to protect the skin from the environmental factors. Among them the harshest one is ultra violet rays UV rays. These may be UVA and UVB, both are harmful for skin. These will cause the skin damage by producing freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and premature aging. The UV rays are the major cause for premature aging of the skin.

But it can be reversed and prevented by the suitable care of the skin in the following ways:

  • The first step is to protect the skin from sun or by UV rays. For this purpose use the sun blocks while going to outside whether in summer intense heat splashes or in winter cold sun shine. Always try to avoid the sun rays from 10 am to 4 pm. And covers the face with some hat or veil or anything which hinder the sun rays directly affect your skin.

Premature Skin Aging , Skin Care

  • Use the nutrition which is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. these make the  recovery process rapid and re grow the damaged cell of the skin. For this purpose internally you can take the citrus juices and externally you can apply the orange masks or honey egg mask to regenerate the damaged skin and to remove the wrinkles.

Premature Skin Aging , Skin Care-

  • Moisturize your skin properly it will protect your skin by forming a hindering coating between UV rays and skin and also nourish the skin  and prevent the dehydration. In summer the moisturizer is used twice in a day at morning and at night before going to bed but in winter frequently.

Premature Skin Aging , Skin Care-0

  • Avoid junk food and spices in your diet and add in your diet the antioxidant multivitamin foods so that it will strengthen the skin internally against UV rays. The green tea and tomatoes, cherries all works well in premature aging and skin damage by sun rays.
  • Chemical peeling or the laser treatment is effective in recovering the effected skin and produce the skin layer which is smooth and with even texture.