Pretty Bare Feet Toenail Care Cleaning Feet & Smoothing Skin

Pretty Bare Feet Toenail Care Cleaning Feet & Smoothing Skin
Pretty Bare Feet Toenail Care Cleaning Feet & Smoothing Skin

The terms of ‘beauty care’ and ‘skin care’ doesn’t mean looking after the facial skin only. In fact skin and beauty care is incomplete without properly looking after hands and feet as well. As foot is less prominent feature of our body therefore it is usually neglected. It isn’t a good sign; it is the organ that supports and bears the weight of our entire body, so giving due attention to the most functional pert of body is very important.

Basic Foot Care Everyone Should Do

Enticing and repulsive are not usually a matter of fortune. Rather, it is upon the beholder that how he/she treats and cares their feet. Before going outside, we dress our feet into the shoes to protecting them from getting dirty and also preventing them from environmental conditions. After staying packed in the shoes that don’t breathe for whole day, our feet suffer from lack of air, especially in hot summer season. Daily exfoliating the feet with soap and a pumice stone or nail brush is a good start towards getting good-looking feet.

Pretty, Groomed Toe Nails Are Easy

Clean, healthy, neat toenails are desirable while the dirty, long, unhealthful toenails are vicious. If you are aiming to get pretty looking feet, be sure to brush you toenails with soapy water regularly, clip them short and neat with a toenail clipper, and if they are discolored, peeling or thick, treat them with an anti-fungal medicine. This way you will get pretty, well-groomed toenails that will in its turn make your feet look pretty.

How to Keep Feet Smooth

It is not much hard to keep the feet smooth if you know some basics. To you’re your feet smooth and silky, use a pumice stone once or twice a week to purge any dead and dry skin, and moisturize them with a quality moisturizer or foot cream to keep them soft and well moisturized. If you can’t stand brightly colored toenails, use a clear polish to make them look shiny. If your toes are hairy, wax them to make entire feet smooth. Get a salon or home pedicure regularly but be sure not to cut the cuticles.

Show off Pretty Feed in the Right Accessories

Show off your pretty feet in strappy date-night sandals, attractive career pumps or silly, weekend, and jelly thongs with a silver toe-ring for an accent. If you are going for a log walk, hiking boots is the perfect option. Boots always look great.