Pretty Hair Styles


Hair styles are the important factor for increasing fabulous looks. Every one wants the eye catching personality in routine life as well as in formal and in formal functions. In this season there are varieties of hair styles for romantic and unique personality. There are multiple cuts and twists available depending upon the type and   time of function.

Usually hairstyle for long hairs is different from wide range of black curly hairs to open straight hairs according to the time of function. At day time the style will be with tied hairs and in evening it will be open flying hair cuts with curls or straight in layers cutting with flip of front hairs.

Long hair style:

  • Now a day long hair styles are very in to give the glam look. There are different long hair styles as up do, braided, half up and half down and much more. But whatever the style chosen for yourself it will give you the soft touch with the occasion.

Ponytail style;

  • The ponytail style is always in fashion and it is the easiest among alls .low side ponytail looks flirty when hair accessories are also used with it. For more glamourus look the base of the pony is tied with hair pieces from side hairs and make you fabulous with proper dressing and accessories.

Braided hair style;

  • It is again very “in” among the trendy looks. It has great variety as English braided, mini French braid and side braid on either side leaving rest of hair open to give chic look.

Medium loose curly hair style;

  • This hair style again is very common now a day. The medium length hairs are with side or middle partition is easy to manage as well as trendy in looks.

Bang with curls;

  • Different bangs style is also give a prom look in prom nights. Tapered bang, side bang with curls at the base again gives a gorgeous look
  • Usually the celebrities of Hollywood are the trend setters and the hair styles they adopt by keeping in mind the face and body features as well as the occasion. So it is better to go through the look of their pics before giving the style of your hairs.