Promise With Your Skin


Promise With Your SkinToday we are going to make some simple and some very helping promise that you need to make with your skin and you need to be sure that you will keep that promise too so here are those promises that will not only help your looks, but will maintain your healthy, skin health too.

I promise, I will take care of my neck:-I know that I love my face and I look after my skin and my face a lot and I pay so much on my face and my skin, but from now, I will look after my neck too, my neck is vulnerable to UV damage and it need some Protection and some help too and if I l go out I will apply some sunscreen every day, I will add it in my day to day skin care and my skin repair regain.

I promise, I will not wash with hot water, I promise that no matter what is the season and what kind of weather it is, I will never ever wash my face and my body with high temperature water, which kills the natural oils and leave my skin dry and irritating and I will always make sure that I am applying some kind of.
I promise, I will never get in bed with makeup on, we all know that cosmetics and sweat clog pores more than sweat alone, causing breakouts and enlarged pores which means if we are sleeping with make up on that will be an open invitation for skin issues and never ever do any kind of hard work like excessive or something similar with make up on.

I promise, I will update my beauty products cause I know that they all have vitamins in it and they get expire really soon and really quickly and if you use expired cosmetics you get infection and skin issues, so keep replacing then within the time limit and never ever use my personal things with anyone to avoid any kind of skin issue.

I will drink lots of water and I will look after my food and my skin care too.