Proper Exfoliating For Healthy Skin


Proper Exfoliating For Healthy SkinExfoliation is a must, and a very important thing, but normally we don’t understand what is scrubbing and what is dead cells you need to understand what is dead cells and then you would be able to know what is exfoliation and how much you should try it, I know that you feel good when you scrub your face and it feel smooth and fresh, but you can actually brake the thin layer of your skin with that and if you are trying to get rid of oily skin with that then you might actually push your pores to produce more oil with that behaving.

Normally during our teen we don’t feel to scrub our face, but when we get older the cells on the surface of the skin lose the ability to shed off and we have to remove them manually, but you need to slowdown or you will end up with over-exfoliated skin, which will take ages to get heeled and look horrible.

Okay now I am sharing a tip that I use to know if I need to scrub or not, sometime we start noticing some dryness and some puffiness over our skin, like we feel that it is dirty and need a wash and we wash our face, but it look the same that means you need to peel that dirty skin off to get the fresh look, normally you can try scrubbing these dead cells three times a week if you are one of the housewives, but if you go out and get some bad and negative impacts then you need to try to scrub off your dead cells and all the negative impacts every other day and now when you are going to use something every other day then you need to use something mild and polite and something less harmful and harsh.

It is best if you use herbs and home remedies to treat your dead skin, this will not harm your skin and you will get more benefits too , now I will tell you some very good scrubbers that you can try almost every day and they will not harm your skin at all.
You can try some alum powder for that it will best for oily and complicated skin, use fine sugar with lime and it is really good for your scars, sea salt is magical thing for glowing skin and try fruits that has bits in them.