Pros & Cons Of Nose Rings


Pros & Cons Of Nose RingsNose Rings if you are not Asian then it is something new and unusual for you although it is getting very famous and many people pierced their other body parts too, but in Asia girls get their ear pierced in the very younger age and in some families boys get their ear pins too, and today we are sharing some simple tips from the people who have been doing that for ages and centuries and who have been doing that eve from the time when they don’t have any antiseptics or tea tree oil or other remedies to heal it or deal with the infection, so I can say that we are sharing the best pro and cons possible for you.

first of all let me tell you one thing that if you are trying to get the cute look with a small little pink gem on her nostril then it is fine and if you think that you want that cute beautiful and sexy look with delicate small nose ring then it is cute and safe too, but excess of anything is bad, so make sure that this not drive you crazy.

Nose Rings-

Now we will talk about some other things like infections, scars, and possible things that could go wrong with that and I would say that it can give you infection and all other horrible diseases if you get it done by some unhealthy and illegal place, get to some leaguer place where people use new pin for every customer and that is the only think that you can do to prevent infection, but it is a open wound which you cannot cover with dressing so you will get infection, you will get scars and issues, and the only thing you need to do is get ready for that, I will say that use silver pin for piercing your nose and then as soon as you get it take a small cotton bud dipped in any mild anti bacterial, anti germs solution and rub it all over your nose and clean your nose ring too, it would be easy to do at that moment when your skin is numb and take some pain killer straight away.

In Asia, woman use a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric on it and you can use it as much as you want, although it will make your skin yellow temporarily but will heal the wound perfectly and sooner than usual and clean off the old mask from your nose every time you apply the new coat of that mixture.

Normally you can buy a mixture for that too from the market and you should use it every day or twice a day.

Nose Rings

If your nose is getting calm down then try not to change or touch your ring for couple of weeks, but do not forget to add some oil on the ring and keep rolling it in the hole, and if you are feeling some kind of pain, bleeding or infection then never ever remove your rings, you will never get it done rightly if you do that.

You can use painkiller and antibiotics too and don’t get panicked; you will be just fine, just don’t wash your face too much during that time and don’t let it get wet.