Puffy Eyes Home Remedies


puffy eyes home remediesPuffy Eyes Home Remedies– Puffiness is a condition in which swelling starts around the eyes. This swelling could be due to various reasons and few of which shall be discussed in this article later. The skin surrounding eyes is very delicate and has blood vessels, thus sensitive. Normally the puffy eyes doesn’t last for long, but still there are few factors, which may prolong for long and thus shall require special treatment from eye specialists.

Puffy Eyes Home Remedies

The puffy eyes might not be only swelling, rather at times, discomfort, pains and even reduced vision could also be accompanied with swelling. In medical language increase in fluid around the eyes (edema) causes puffiness.

The remedies which we are going to discuss below are meant to reduce this liquid, thus targeting the cause of puffy eyes.

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Primary cause of puffy eyes is lack of sleep due to tiredness. You not only need to reduce the tiredness, but also need to have good sleep of minimum 6-8 hours in complete 24 hours, 3/4th of which should be in the night.

Other multiple reasons include dehydration in the body, sinus problems, and various types of allergies, side effects of some medical and hormonal dysfunctions.

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The natural home remedies of puffy eyes are as under:-

  • Cucumbers are the best home remedy against any eye problem. Cucumbers contain enough water contents into it, and if cold, cut into slices and placed on the eyes, shall provide soothing effect as well as reduce swelling around the eyes.
  • Raw cold potatoes can also act the same way as cucumbers.
  • Rubbing ice cubes around the eyes, shall also reduce the puffy eyes.
  • Take chamomile tea bags dipped in cold water and use them on the eyes. This will relax you after 10-15 minutes.

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  • Take a bowl of ice cold milk, and using cotton dipped into it, put them on your eyes, while lying back and eyes closed. As the cotton gets warm or dried, again dip and redo the same. Continue for 10-15 minutes.
  • Avoid taking more salty foods, since salt has tendency to restore water in the body, which is not very good for puffy eyes (refer to opening paragraph of article).
  • Take 2-3 cold strawberries, cut thin slices and put them on your eyes. Since these contains alpha-hydroxy, which is very effective for keeping skin smooth and fresh? Don’t forget to wash eyes after exercise of putting slices on eyes for 10-15 minutes.

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If you are using some eye facials or moisturizers etc on your face in daily routine, keep them on cooler place, since cold things always reduce the swellings.