Rani Siddique LAtest Summer Collection 2012 New Arrivals Available Now


After releasing an impressive collection of a few days ago, returned to the designer, Rani Siddique some new clothes for summer 2012 collection. This collection of previously released albums is different. It is a colorful collection of summer tops for girls. Bright and vivid range of colors are used in the collection.

T-shirts and fashion quite decent. They are quite long and trousers, socks can be worn with or churidaars creating a fashionable look. T-shirts are adorned with beautiful embroidery, front and back and are designed according to modern fashion. Lawn, they use different materials like cotton and karundi dresses. Peaks are sure to brighten up your wardrobe and for casual wear.

Siddique Rani began to operate in less than a year. Since 2011 designers began to work, churning out the first peaks of the collections every season. Excellent design, the designer has won a lot of women and girls’ hearts all over Pakistan. Designers believe that all women should be glamorous and have a sense of clothing. Designer, long kurtas, Kurtis and peaks to explore. All kits are available in different sizes. Kurtas, Kurtis and tops can be placed on the order online. Lahore is the designer outlet.

So, if you are interested in Rani Siddique summer 2012 collection, a visit to Lahore from the wall outlet or place your order online. Right now, a quick look at the bottom of a collection of images.