Recipes Of Natural Face Toners


Recipes Of Natural Face TonersToning is very important part of your daily beautify routine. It helps you to keep fresh and clean till the next cleaning session, it has utmost importance to keep young and clean and it keep your pores neat and clean for next 24 hours and it is very important that you clean your skin every day just before going to bed, here are some simple and very famous recipes to make your own toner for your own skin at home.

Take 1.5 liters of hot water over mint leaves and then let them cook on really very low heat for next 10-15 minutes and then strain and keep it cool in some glass bottle in a refrigerator, this is very good to clean your skin, pores and tight them as well and it has some complexion cleaning qualities too.

Make a face pack of fresh cucumber and half cup of curd and apply over your face for 20 minutes. It is very effective for oily skin type and help making your skin smooth and healthy too keep it in refrigerator and you can use it regularly for every other day.

A mixture of one litter rose water and two pinch of camphor is very good for cleaning your face, try this simple thing three times a day and you will see some really super results in week and it will help with face acne too.

Take two soft and well ripped peaches and peel them nicely and then mash them then mix with almond oil /olive oil and then add some fresh cream in it and then apply over your face for ten minutes. Wash then with running water and see the amazing result of this simple mask.

Make a smooth mixture of 4 spoons of rose water, small pinch of alum, glycerin and then keep them in refrigerator and massage your face with it for 15 minutes before going to bed and you can keep this on over night too and this will make your skin smooth and fresh and you will see that it will vanish your skin spots too and you will start looking young and flawless naturally.