Remedies For Puffy Eyes


Our eyes tell the story of our inner. If any thing which is disturbed in the body the eye will depict the signs of the unusual thing, one among many problems of the eyes are the puffiness of eyes, it may be usually seen while you wake up at morning. But you have no time to recover it and find out the reasons of this. You instantly cover it with the make up and start your day.

The reasons of eyes puffiness are:

  • Water retention in the body.
  • Some liver problem.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Tired ness of the eyes.
  • Continuous stress to the eyes.


  • Put the chill cucumber slices on the eyes for 10 minutes. It will reduce the puffiness and you look fresh again.
  • Caffeine is also doing the marvelous job in reducing the puffiness of eyes. You can make your own cream by taking the one table spoon of caffeine and the aloe Vera gel. Mix these and apply this at the area around and under the eyes for 5 minutes. It will remove the puffiness of eyes by giving them the soothing effect.

get rid of puffy eyes

  • The tea bags also work to reduce the puffiness. The used teabags are not to be disposed but placed in refrigerator for sometime then kept at the eyes but make sure that these contain the caffeine in their ingredients.
    Before going to bed the gentle massaging of area around the eyes with some moisturizing cream also improve the circulation of the blood in eye vessels and will recover the puffiness after awaking.

puffy eyes

  • Salt solution also works well, take the ¼ cup of warm water in a cup and add in to it ½  table spoon of salt and  with the help of facial  pads   soaked in  the salt solution, place them on the lids and laid down for 10 minutes. It is the one of the handy solution of the puffy eyes.
  • Whip the egg white and mix in to it some witch hazel and applied under eyes and allowed to dry. It will tighten the skin under eyes and remove the puffiness of eyes.

Though thousands of products are available to remove the puffiness but the natural remedies have great solution for this.