Remedies To Common Skin Problems


Remedies Tto Common Skin ProblemsRemedies To Common Skin Problems  – To avoid any type of skin problem, use plenty of water in your daily routine. Drinking enough water helps our nutrients to transfer to body cells and tissues.

Use of proper diet containing all types of vitamins and nutrients, juices, fresh vegetables helps in maintaining the freshness of skin and avoid common skin problems.

  • Use of fish, oils, broccoli, cauliflower and berries provide a special ingredient i.e. omega 3, that helps in reducing blood pressure and also avoids dry skin problems.

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  • Excessive use of alcohol, smoking, use of caffeine, dairies and nuts etc are dangerous to skin and must be avoided.
  • Mixing clay with water, making it paste called betonies clay is useful in extracting the oils and toxins from body, being highly absorbent.
  • Use of mineral vitamins, multi minerals, oils, margarine containing specially vitamin E, C and Aloe Vera are very good for skin problems.
  • Mix yogurt and oatmeal and make a paste of it. This is very good for application on face against acne.
  • In order to fight against ingrown hair, take a cup of brown sugar, oil (almond or vegetable) and honey. Polish the paste on skin in spherical motions and wash off.

Remedies To Common Skin Problems

  • Use of toothpaste is very effective against pimples. Lemon juice also dries them out. Wheat grass juice is helpful against acne problems.
  • Use of paste made from wheat grass juice powder and water provides relief against dry and cracked heels. It is also very effective against swelled heels or even in few cases bleeding.
  • Aloe is very effective for treatment of rashes and burns on the skin. Merely rubbing the aloe on required place shall improve the condition of skin at earliest.
  • To disinfect the skin, especially against the allergies and rashes, paste made up of baking soda and water can be applied and shall help in improving rash.
  • Olive oil or vitamin E oil is antioxidants and can be applied for avoiding rashes on the skin.
  • If you use herbal tea (comforter and chamomile), take a tea bag already used for making the tea and put it on the rashes place, it will provide soothing effect and shall disappear the rash problem.