Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes


The dark circle under eyes is one of the foremost cosmetic problems. Most commonly the women experience this problem. The major causes attributed to these dark circles are lack of sleep and stress. However there may be some other causes of this problem. Here some tips are given to remove or reduce these circles under eyes. By adopting these you will definitely get good results.

(1). Take atleast eight hours sleep in order to keep the body and mind fit and to keep the dark circles at bay.

(2). Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep the skin smooth and supple.

(3). Eat the healthy nutritional diet especially the food rich in iron helps in reducing the dark circles because eat times one gets them because they lack iron in their body and consuming sufficient iron and reduce the dark circles.

(4). Applying on eyes grated cucumber juice is very beneficial for the dark circles.

(5). While going out of the home after wearing the sunglasses and applying sunscreen lotion on skin around the eyes.

(6). Take a teaspoonful of the milk powder and apply honey to it. Apply this paste on the skin on the dark circles it will help in reducing the circles.

(7). Apply a good under eye cream in the night to reduce the darkness around the eyes.

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