Risks of Salon Tanning Bed UV Rays Effects on Skin and Safe Sunless Alternatives

Risks of Salon Tanning Bed UV Rays Effects on Skin and Safe Sunless Alternatives
Risks of Salon Tanning Bed UV Rays Effects on Skin and Safe Sunless Alternatives

Tan skin is very desirable but not all of us are endowed with this complexion. Those having fair or pale skin always try to get the tan glow and for this they get prolonged sun baths and make use of tanning beds.

Both these ways are extremely dangerous for your heath and bring about various skin issues including skin cancer. To make it easier for you to get longed for look, vast variety of safe alternates of UV tanning beds are available now.

Some of them are discussed below

Dangers of Tanning Beds

Almost all of us are aware of the consequences of over exposure to the sun and take preventative measures to protect the skin against the harsh UV rays and prevent sunburn. However, this fact that UV rays emitted by the tanning beds too are equally dangerous and devastating as emitted by the sun are is known to a few.

Tanning beds inflict severe damage to the skin. The UV rays emitted by the tanning beds not only cause premature ageing, formation of wrinkles and in most severe cases it leads to skin cancer. Three lethal forms of cancer melanoma, squamous cell carcinomas and basal are usually found on the neck and face but when you tan frequently they can be found allover your body.

Tanning Beds are not Safe

There is a misconception among the masses that Tanning beds create relatively safer tan than the sun; it’s not true however. The only harmless tan is the one that doesn’t entail sun at all- means self-tanning products. A tanning-bed restricts your UVB rays-exposure that burn the top-most layer of the skin and are copious in sunbeams.

However, the amount of UVA lights emitted by tanning beds is 3-8 times greater than those emitted by the sun and these UVA rays are equally damaging from skin and they pierce deep into the skin. Both these lights bring about skin cancer, wrinkles formation, premature aging and DNA damage etc.

Safe Alternatives to Harmful UV Tanning Beds

Keeping the disastrous effects of tanning beds over the health of the people in mind, different beauty manufacturers now offer sunless or self-tanners that give you the desired sun-kissed glow without being proved harmful for your skin.

Times were that when the only self-tanning option available was the orange-self-tanning but now one can make a choice from the best snobbish sunless salons to inside airbrushing. If still you are quite hesitant to use self-tanners yourself, you can step into a spray-tanning booth for infallible application. Spray tanning booths last just about 1 minute and are perfect option for those you want a instant glow harmlessly.

Use Bronzer to Get a Glowing Look

Another safe sunless tanning option is bronzer. Bronzer can be easily applied perfectly to get streak-free, glowing skin without exposing yourself to destroying UV lights.