Root Touch Up Products


Just ten days after you dye your hair in your favorite color, the wicked roots of your locks begin to grow back and become visible. And, normally after twenty days, you are afraid leaving the house without covering your hair with a hat or scarf.

The manufacturers of hair-care products have finally discovered what women have known for ages: in between colorings our hair roots need to be touched-up with a simple touch-up product; a product that is purely organic and easy to apply.

Many different root concealing brands have hit the market recently, making it quite tough to pick the one that really works. Some most popular types offered from markers and brush-ons, to sprays and powders are reviewed in this article; take a look.

Spray-On Root Concealer

Made by Rita Hazan Root Concealer, spray-on root concealer is quite new brand. Aerosol-pushed color pigments prepared of organic cosmetic grade minerals is squirted onto the hair roots directly. The color easily blends with your existing shade and dries out quickly.

Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to apply and give result instantly. It also blends well.
  • The color disappears when you shampoo your hair next time.
  • Relatively expensive than the other products.
  • Smaller bottle finishes quickly.

Dry Shampoo & Root Color In One

This is actually the amalgamation of different types, a dry shampoo that adds bulk and conceals roots.

Offered by Bumble and Bumble, the spray-on powder soaks in hair oil enabling you to go another day prior to shampooing.

As it works to add volume, it is ideal for those having limp and fine hair. The pigment built into the powder hides grays and growth of new roots.

Pros and Cons

Serves more than one purposes, adds volume, improves colors, adds hold for updo hairstyles, cleanse the locks and blends in roots.

  • Let your hairstyle and hair-color stay for long.
  • Leaves the hair dry by soaking hair oil.
  • nly suitable for specific hair type.

Hair Color Markers, Pens, and Sticks

Variety of options is there in this category. Some come with a mascara type wand; others look like stroked markers or cover sticks.

They act by delivering color to the roots you want to hide.

Pros and Cons

  • No dribbles or mess, dries instantly.
  • Available in variety of colors to merge into permanent hair color.
  • Easy to apply and is handy.
  • Can give powdery or waxy texture to your hair.
  • Stays only until next wash.