Sara Maniya 2012 Chinese Way Collection for Girls


Sara Maniya has just released a new collection spring summer 2012 under the name “Chinese way”. New Sara Maniya 2012 spring summer collection draws inspiration from the Chinese tradition. The collection consists of silk-screened T-shirts, which are mostly Chinese and other inscriptions on them. You can see the decorations on the front and back of the shirts.

Shirts are available in bright colors like red and yellow. New Sara Maniya 2012 collection is suitable for everyday wear. You can wear them with tights and churidaars. All shirts are sewn in the fashion and therefore make you stylish. In addition, they have a relationship with a Chinese collar and a Chinese style.

Sara Maniya new women’s wear brand in Pakistan, It is attractive to the formal, semi-formal and casual wear for all occasions, Clothing mostly in a contemporary style. Nevertheless, there are ethnic affect them. They are a combination of different factions, printing and embroidery on carefully selected fabrics.

Pictures of the new collection of Sara Maniya 2012 are listed below.