Saturated Fat is Healthy Part of a Natural Diet

Saturated Fat is Healthy Part of a Natural Diet
Saturated Fat is Healthy Part of a Natural Diet

It has been considered for decades that saturated fat is always dangerous for you but through this article you will know saturated fat may actually have some surprising benefits.
Actually saturated fat is an impartial element in your body, and even beneficial at times, not a deadly risk issue for ailment.

In fact, though saturated fat intake does increase your LDL bad cholesterol, it essentially increases your HDL good cholesterol even more, therefore improving your overall cholesterol ratio, has been proven to be more important that just total cholesterol level.
Saturated fat is comprised of various different types, Saturated Fat is Healthy Part of a Natural Diet three most dominant types are as following:-

  • Lauric acid
  • Stearic acid
  • Palmitic acid

Lauric acid is beneficial component because it raises your HDL good cholesterol levels ominously. It is even being researched currently in HIV/AIDS research to help expand immune function in patients. Tropical oils such as coconut and palm are the best sources of beneficial lauric acid.

Healthy Part of a Natural Diet

Stearic acid is found in animal fat, it has been proved by research that stearic acid has no harmful impacts on heart disease risks but it is beneficial for you. In fact, your liver breaks down stearic acid into a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, which is the same type of fat that makes up most of heart-healthy olive oil.

Palmitic acid is the other leading element of saturated fat and has also been shown to increase HDL good cholesterol to the same, if not greater amount than LDL bad cholesterol, thereby making it either impartial or useful, but surely not bad for you.
Remember, it doesn’t mean that you should only eat foods high in saturated fats. For good heath you need a balance diet.