Sehyr Anis Latest Collection 2012 for Women and Girls


Sehyr Anis introduced two new lines of clothing in 2012. Now she returns with some new clothes collection Sehyr Anis in 2012. They were included in Lounge Magazine Pakistan. All the dresses in this collection are suitable for semi-formal wear and casual wear. Fine fabrics like chiffons were used in the new outfits Sehyr collection Anis 2012. All of them are embroidered or printed.

The embroidery is very intricate and beautiful. Designer clothes in the new collection 2012 Sehyr Anis traditional with a contemporary touch. Like other facilities, designed by her, these garments have embellishment eastern and western cuts. They look quite dazzling with their cuts and embroidery, and will surely be favorites in the wardrobe of the client.

Her clothes were covered in many newspapers and magazines. It creates a prêt and fashion alike. The designer is known for its innovative cuts, which also made it quite known. Her clothes cater to the needs of modern women. Moreover, the prices of their clothes were kept affordable.

Let us now see the new Sehyr Anis 2012 collection, which is included in Lounge Magazine Pakistan.