Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets 2013


Few days back actress/singer and fashion icon Selena Gomez who just lunched her new fragrance shard some beauty secrets with the media and we are going to shade these with you.

She told that she love so many fragrances, but the best smell of this world for Selena is raspberry, and vanilla cause they make her feel so comfy as well as delicious and Raspberry is exciting with no becoming very pleasant and I like to use these two smalls rather than perfumes.

Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets 2013-

She told the media that she like to carry her age with her and she added that when I was in my teens I was very careful with my looks, but now I am a young woman and I want to look sexy and rocking with darkish smoky eyes, pinkish cheeks and shiny lip area and I buy stuff regarding my skin tone and I don’t bother if you have fair skin, I don’t go for fake things, if you don’t like you skin then nothing can make you do that stick with the skin your were born rather than making stupid things.

Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets 2013-02

She sad, I use products that maintain the original level in my skin, but luckily I was born with perfect skin and I don’t really need to do lots of things to get beautiful skin so I don’t use too much on my face, so if you have good skin then look after it and try not to ruin the look.

Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets 2013-12

She said, my mum is Italian and she has a very rich and strong heritage and she does lots of thing to get the looks she has and I am just being luckily blessed with all of her qualities and I don’t bother with looks, I have nice hair and I have beautiful skin, but there is one thing that I am not happy with and that is the shape of my eyes and I pay attention on that, I use things that make them look beautiful and wider.

I seriously think that the best secret of your beauty is skin care and if you look after your skin you don’t have to apply makeup.