Self Manicure at Home

Self Manicure at Home
step by step manicure guide is beneficial for those who want to do it at home due to any reason

Properly cleaned nails look alluring and functional. When it comes to maintain the health and beauty of the nails, regular manicure can’t be overlooked. Painting the nails is a fun! This step by step manicure guide is beneficial for those who want to do it at home due to any reason.

Follow the steps and get saloon-Self Manicure at Home

If you have already donned any nail color, remove it first. Moisten a cotton pad with nail color remover and rub it over the nails to remove the old nail color completely. Now start doing manicure.

Wash and dry your hands

Shape the nails by cutting or filing them. If your nails are extra long, bring them to an adequate length with the help of a nail cutter or a filer. Then after, file the edges of the nails to give them a proper shape and remove the sharp and uneven edges.

Take warm soapy water in a bowl and steep your hands in it for few minutes. The purpose of this step is to soften the nail cuticles and slacken off the dirt accumulated under the fingernails. Dry off hands with a soft and clean towel or a cotton napkin.

Utterly clean the area under the nails

Using an emery board or a stick, push the cuticles back. Cutting the cuticles is another option but it should be avoided because the cuticles act as the barriers and don’t allow the destroying bacteria to enter your skin. Moisturize your hands and cuticles with a quality moisturizer. It will make your hands soft and smooth.
Miniaturizations are the last step of manicure for the men. However, for women there are few more steps to go……..
Put on nail color meticulously. Apply first coat and let it dry before applying second one. Then apply second coat for added shine. If you love to make the nail even more shiny and shimmers then apply third coat of nail color.
Let the last coat utterly dry up before touching anything. Finally, moisturize the hands once again.