Self Tanning | Care For Your Skin

Self Tanning | Care For Your Skin
Self Tanning Care For Your Skin for healthy and beauty look

Self Tanning | Care For Your Skin – It is the process to make your skin darker in color with self tanning. The process is carried out by the sun rays or by sunless self tanning beds as result of windburn or the reflected light. Some people deliberately take sun bath to tan their skin while other uses the artificial methods by the application of different chemicals on the skin to tan it to self tanning.

The sun self tanning is more beneficial because it is also the source of vitamin D. To avoid the sun burn the skin lotions are used while to accelerate the process self tanning oils are used on the skin. The process originated in Western Europe to get rid from pale complexion.

Overexposure to sun rays has many damaging effects as skin cancer and sun burns are the common problems. For seek of best results of self tanning and to secure from the harshness of sun rays it is essential to prepare your skin for the process before skin self tanning.

The following Self Tanning & Care for Your Skin steps should be taken:

  • Do proper exfoliation before self tanning. Use appropriate scrubbers which are compatible to your skin. Exfoliation should be done one week before the self tanning. Slough off the dead cell to promote the regeneration of healthy cell is essential for uniform self tanning.
  • Moisturize the skin after exfoliation so the process will go on evenly without itching and burning of skin.
  • Use SPF to avoid the direct exposure to the sun rays.
  • Make your body used to sun rays gradually, first the body is exposed to sun rays for short intervals and these intervals are prolonged with passage of time.
  • The body is not too exposed to sun rays when the UV editions are at peak especially at noon.
  • If the scorching sun rays are unbearable apply the olive oil or the vitamin E oil on the skin before self tanning.
  • Potato pulp or potato extracts is also helpful to protect the skin from the burning effect of sun rays.

For youthful and beautiful skin with all skin beauty products keep you hydrated from inside and outside care for your skin with self tanning.