Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas


Shabby chic term is used for items furniture and furnishing either due to their age and wear and tear signs are appearing in them or the new furniture is given the antique look. To differentiate it from regular vintage the soft and feminine look is given to them.

This style started in great Brittan where the large country houses with old sofas heavy curtains and old paint works etc are giving the royal taste. It is actually the style to give the elegant look.

  • The essence of today’s shabby style is the vintage and antique furniture with paints of original old aged paints. The fabrics also of shabby style with which are of French linen and chenille’s bed spread or pillow covers are used
  • Popular decor items are given the look of antique items. It is actually a feminine romantic and soft touch in living style which is creative and comfortable. In order to create a shabby chic style in your home there are some ideas.
  • The entrance of the home should be straight without any thing in between.
  • Under the stairs the fire places have been built with floor board throughout.
  • All the stairs should be kept with wide steps.
  • The kitchen should be large and nothing needed to do in it as in modern kitchens
  • The living room is given the shimmer touch by keeping the couches with floral coverings and the curtains used should be heavy and with double lining of some delicate fiber.
  • In shabby chic style the paints usually used are white or any light color as cream color or neutral color is used with shimmer touch. The table with vintage looking paints and similarly with Elmira’s to give the impact of   old Victorian style.
  • The dining room is such that whitewashed dining table with floral rugs on it and place to keep your collectibles.
  • The bed room is also have cozy and feminine touch with delicate curtains around the bed and decorated in very romantic way.

So the shabby chic décor is a fun and a timeless way to do it. With out any fear.