Shakira Returns to Defy Traffic Rules…


Shakira Returns to Defy Traffic Rules...Shakira has always tried to comply strictly with the various professional commitments that exploit their daily schedule, to the point that is not afraid to leave your car – a Mercedes convertible luxurious Gerard Piqué gave last year, parked irregularly not late for an appointment in the heart of Barcelona.

As publishes the Daily Mail, the Colombian star was forced to leave her Thursday crossed in a crosswalk with two wheels on the sidewalk to enter time in the recording studio where she prepares her car again, a violation flagrant of the highway code, however, the Barcelona player was able to correct quickly by driving the flashy car and thereby unlocking the little jam that had occurred in the middle of a street.

The latest infringement on wheels starring Barranquilla lost on local authorities, but is another example of the pulse Shakira seems to have taken to the traffic police after several encounters with the city of Barcelona.

Although the music diva received a large fine two years ago after recording her video Loca – in which appears through the streets on a bike without helmet, plus cooling off in a fountain publicly, shortly after she was spotted dancing on your car while waiting at a traffic light, a piece that she hung up on YouTube and more recently, appeared driving around the Camp Nou as her son Milan, instead of going on the appropriate seat, traveling in arms her father.

Completely oblivious to the controversy surrounding her role in conducting, Shakira preferred share publicly how their enviable relationship with Pique has helped him give less importance to physical appearance. Thus, the music diva who feels proud of its recent decision to give up all kinds of diets and your partner attaches great confidence that now defines her personality.

A Gerard does not like me if I’m too skinny which has taken a great weight off me and helped me to accept myself as I am. This month I ‘m not doing sports and eating more pies than ever and I do not mind at all because Gerard prefer meat to the bones revealed in an interview with Glamour magazine.