Shoes Say Volumes About Your Beauty Personality


clothes for the first impressions count what people say. Have been, in fact, a person of his or her own style, which reflects its identity. But it can be said about the volume of the owner of a shoe? According to psychologists. Shoes Show your fashion sense, condition, cleanliness, attention to detail, and so on.

If you love stilettos, possibly, life and longs to extraordinary people. You can be curious and a bit of damage, but always what you want. Are you sure about your skills and sex appeal. However, some people take the girl silly and superficial.

Weight-lover sweet, friendly and a bit boring usually. Deep in your soul, you’re still a child. You are looking at trying to open, and prepossessing, but almost too close to strangers. Women who are heavy like a lot of fashionistas who are like wearing new clothes. Types and are mind. A man and you will see, they want to protect a very fragile person.

Are reserved and a bit egocentric. You do not trust, and prefer to do everything yourself. But at the same time, you are smart and sensitive, and often worry about your relationships with other people. You get really surprised at the rudeness and behavior.