Simple Beauty Tips To Get Beautiful Skin or Face


Simple Beauty TipsIf you Google that I need tips to get beautiful skin or face then you will get millions of tips and hundreds of pages, which means it is impossible to read or do them and which also means it is impossible to get these tips, but we are going to share some tips with you today and you will see that they work for you and will help you too, I will keep giving you such kind of simple tips to get beauty, you just need to pick those which are according to your own needs and requirement.

Take thin apple slices and place them over your face neatly and leave this apple mask over your face for just 15 minutes and feel your pores taking all the goodness of the fruit and after that feel apple soaking the extra oil from your skin too and at the same time it will close the open pores too so you feel the freshness and smoothness for longer time of period and the best recommendation is that don’t wash your face immediately if possible and when you need to use baby wipes and soak them in running water and then wipe it off.

Another magical tip is the mask of yogurt, you just need to make a thick mixture of sugar and yogurt and apply that over your face and then start massaging your skin with small circular motions and rub off all the dirt and black heads and after that wash your face with lukewarm water and then enjoy the natural glow of your skin instantly.

If you notice then the best thing for your beautify comes from your kitchen, turmeric, rose water, fresh cream, salt, baking powder and many more so keep your eyes open for the right ingredients and right impact.

Make a cream with fresh cream, wheat flour with few drops of lime and then apply this mask over your face for 5 minutes regularly and make sure that you are using this before bedtime and immediately after waking up and you will see that this will not only help your black heads, but it will help your skin texture too, if you have oily skin then you can try gram flour too.

Cleansing is another very famous and very effective tip for beautiful face and skin, you just need to see that you are doing absolutely appropriate, no excessive and not ignoring, keep your skin clean and let it breath.

Scrubbing is also very good, you need to get rid of all these dead cells and dead skin particles, if you have sensitive skin and scrubbing make your skin break rather than helping it then you need to be careful, use pulp of fruits rather then products, you can try apricot, strawberry or other fruits that has some bits in it and if you want more help then add a tablespoon cold yogurt or milk in these fruits and scrub off all the dead cells.
Love yourself and smile a lot, be happy and stay positive.