Simple Soup Recipes and Change Their Life Style


We are going to share some really very simple and healthy soup for those who want to lose some pounds and change their life style.

Black Bean

Just cook one finally chopped onion in one table spoon oil, better if you use olive oil and then add one teaspoon cumin seeds and minced garlic cloves and cook it over low heat for a while, now add 4 cups of low-sodium chicken broth and one cup of finally chopped tomatoes and approximately 15v ounce caned pr fresh black beans and one can of diced green chili peppers cook these ingredients for 15 minutes and on law heat and then you are ready to eat, you can add lime or any sauce you want to serve.

Pumpkin Soup

Just cook 2 slices chopped bacon and 1 chopped onion in one tablespoon olive oil, now add finally chopped 29-ounce canned pumpkin with 3-4 cups of low-sodium chicken broth, one cup of applesauce and ginger.
Keep it on oven for 15 minutes and then add salt and paper according to you taste simmer for 5 minutes now add half cup of light sour cream and ready to eat.

Tofu Noodle

This soup is best for those who miss noodles while they are on diet and for that you just need to make a combination of one pound light extra-firm tofu, soy sauce, one tablespoon toasted sesame oil and just leave it aside and start your preparation.
Take three cups of low-sodium vegetable broth and then add three can condensed vegetarian vegetable soup in it and then add 10 ounce frozen chopped broccoli, and 2 ounces dried noodles in it and leave it on fire for no more than 20 minutes and then now you can add tofu mixture in it and it is ready to eat now

Shrimp Egg Drop

One of the best dream food for those who love to eat shrimp while they are eating healthy food, for that you just need to Saute one cup of sliced mushrooms in just half teaspoon olive oil and when you see them turning a bit brown add 3 cups of cups low-sodium chicken broth, half cups of rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and grated ginger, now add ready to cook shrimp and cook it till they are done to eat and now you can eat after adding one beating egg.