Simple Tips For Soft Feet


Simple Tips For Soft FeetIf you are planning to wear strappy sandals during this summer then I bet this is very good to look at your feet and see if they are summer ready or not?, rough looking feet can be embarrassing and if they are dry, dull and chipped then you might want to quit with the idea of buying expansive branded shoes, cause no matter what you wear, if you don’t have nice feel nothing will look good on them, but if you look after then you can rock any shoes even a flip-flop.

Here are some simple tips that can make your feet look irresistible and marvelously classy and sexy.

Keep them clean, I am not saying that no matter how hard and how long day you had just sit down with all the tools and clean your feet, am just saying that when you go for a shower, give some extra time to your feet too like you give to your face and your other body parts, Scrub them, brush them use a lava stone or a pumice stone no matter how fine your feet feel.

Never ever go to bed before washing your feet, and that will help you with the smell and dirt and that will help your foot lotion to get absorbed quickly and work properly.

Once in a week give your feet a milk bath, get some worm or a bit hot milk and soak your feet into it and make sure you are soaking neat and clean feet cause after that you cannot wash then and you need o wear some kind of soaks to keep that warmth and the goodness of milk for a longer time of period.

Try to get some time and clean your feet thoroughly,, at least three times a week and if you think that you don’t have time then just apply some petroleum jelly and use a thick layer of petroleum jelly for three to four hour and then scrub it off with a pumice stone, you need to get rid of all dead cells so that your feet can breathe.

Never ever forget to moisturize your feet every time you wash them or if you are going out, and it is really very important that you should moisturize your feet before you go to sleep cause that is one time when you don’t use your feet for at least 6 hours, use vegetable oil instead of cream.
Best of luck.