Skin and Hair Care Tips for Teens


No matter what is the complexion of your skin, the teen age has its own glowness in skin. Though sometimes the skin problems are seen in this age as acne and pimples, or some eruptions but all these are temporary and the condition will be cured as the hormonal fluctuation stable.

Following skin regimen is to be taken at regular basis at this age will give you the best results later on:


This is the age when the metabolism is fast and you can digest what you desire. Usually at this age eat just to satisfy our taste buds but think twice before eating anything. Notice the nutritional value of the food and amount of calories in it and your needs. Eat well with lot of juices, fruits and vegetables to look younger forever.


Find out the skin type you have whether it is oily, dry, or normal. Apply the skin care techniques and regimens according to your skin type. The make up should be used according to the skin compatibility. When you are beautiful from inside you will look     gorgeous from outside.


Dwayne the African-American Culture contributing hair care expert, shares a secret beauty tip on how to prevent hair breakage while you sleep for all hair types, not just black women. Split ends have a tendency to get caught on the cotton and your tossing and turning will actually pull the caught pieces out of your head. So little by little, if you were wearing a cotton scarf to protect your hair while you sleep, you may actually be making it worse! So proper oiling twice in a week with deep cleansing makes your hair healthy and shiny.


The optimal sleep of seven hours upgrades your skin beauty. All your cells get   to be activate and regenerate after the rest, good sleep with healthy diet will give you beautiful and wonderful results.