18 Skin Care Beauty Tips at Home For Beautifull Skin


Skin care beauty tips at home is something that can improve and damage with your life style and with your way of treating it and today I am going to give you some really simple tricks to get new and glowing beauty with just some simple changing in your life style.

Skin Care Beauty Tips at Home in 18 Step

You need to do some changing in your diet to get new beauty,

1-Don’t eat too much oil.
2-Don’t eat too much sugar.
3-Donot eat too much carbohydrates .
4- Drink 8 glasses of plain natural tap water, specially one full glass before every meal.
5-Eat lots of green vegetables and preferably uncooked and if you cannot eat uncooked then cook them in steam or bake them.
6- Eat one portion of salmon fish 5 times a week.
7- Never quit on good fats, omega 3 is one good thing your healthy skin need.
8-Drink one worm glass of water with one lemon and one tablespoon honey in it empty stomach in the morning.
9-Take peaceful 8 hours sleep.
10- Use satin pillows.
11-Never sleep with any kind of cosmetic on your face, moisturizer. is okay, but more than that is completely harmful.
12-wash your face with any kind of baby sop or baby face wash at least three times a day and if you have oily skin then you can use anything that has aqua or spring water in the ingredients.
13-If you have oily skin then try tea tree oil for betterment of your skin.
14-If you have dry skin then apply almond oil or olive oil after every wash, just wash your face and then don’t dry that and massage with just three drops of any oil and you will see a healthy difference within a week.
15-If you have pimples or acne then try clay mask or a mask of gram flour everyday and after once a day apply alum on your face.
16-Use natural things to get good results, never buy chemicals cause, sooner or later they will harm your skin.
17-Drink green tea instead of tea.
18-Buy branded cosmetics, and always see expiry and ingredients
There are some really simple solution for your every need so just be happy and you will look beautiful naturally.

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