Skin Care During Weight Loss


Skin Care During Weight Loss ; Gaining or losing weight dramatically may wreak havoc on your skin. Weight gain stretches the skin and when you loss weight instantly and dramatically, employing different weight loss tips, the skin loses its suppleness and starts sagging. Besides being a beauty drawback, skin sagging may also lead to infections, sourness and hygienic problems.

Excess weight should be disallowed with careful dieting and exercise plan that allow slow and steady weight loss. Gradual weight loss will be relatively less unsafe for the skin than the quicker and dramatic weight loss. The suppleness of one’s skin is determined by his/her age and genetics. It is easy to restore the body shape and maintain elasticity of the when the person is young. There are some ways to make the skin look and tweak better even after losing weight.

Skin Care During Weight Loss

Weight Loss Plan

Maintenance of healthy weight is the key to maintain skin elasticity and thus prevent skin sagging. Though it is quite tough to do, especially you are trying to get rid of extra weight. As mentioned earlier, the skin loses its elasticity with the advancing age and due to losing weight quickly and consequently it also loses its ability to adjust to the new weight. However, by following few tips you can restore skin suppleness.

Skin Care During Weight Loss-

Hence, the ideal way to lose weight is to follow a weight lose plan prescribed by your physicians; taking the diet recommended by a professional dietician will help you lose weight gradually. During dieting you will be able care your skin to increase its elasticity and thus allow it to adjust to new weight.


Workout helps building muscle and losing weight. The apposite exercises plan will help burning fats and calories and building a solid layer under the skin which will make the skin look tones. Avoid gaining and losing weight instantly as both these phenomena will make to lose its elasticity and may also cause stretch marks.

Skin Care During Weight Loss


Keeping the skin hydrated and well moisturized is another way to prevent sagging skin during weight loss. Moisturize your skin gradually with lotion or oil on regular basis. If you diet allows, consume watery foods to make water stay in the body. Massage also helps making the skin supple. Scrubbing at least twice a week too will help keeping skin smooth and elastic.