Skin Care Regime in Winter Season


Skin Care Regime in Winter SeasonProper skin care regime needs some alterations due to the changes in weather. So, it becomes most essential for everyone to get awareness about regular and right kind of skin care required in every season. In the winter season, the cold and harsh winds play a significant role in making your skin dull, dry and itchy. Moreover the skin becomes more prone to get affected by eczema that is a worse skin condition. Let’s have a look at effective tips on “skin care regime in winter season.”

1. Use sunscreen

It is a common misconception among many people that the application of sunscreen is only required in the summer season. This is totally wrong; the harsh UV rays of sun have same damaging affects in winter season. So, don’t forget applying sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 before going into sunrays. Apply the product at least half hour before going outdoors.

2. Moisturize

As I have mentioned in above lines that in the winter season, skin becomes more dry due to cold and harsh winds. So, you should make a routine to moisturize your skin on regular basis using a moisturizing cream or lotion. Invest on purchasing an oil-based moisturizer instead of water-based.

3. Wear Gloves

Wearing wool gloves is a best way to protect your hands from cold conditions. Firstly, wear a pair of good-quality cotton gloves and then use wool gloves over them. Hands become cracked and dry quickly therefore be sure to moisturize them on daily basis.

4. Drink Water

To keep your body hydrated in the winter months, one should consume adequate amount of water. Most health specialists suggest drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water to be fit and healthy.

5. Pay Attention to Your Feet

Having extra dry and cracked heals is a worse nightmare of winter months. Cracked and dry heels are not only a beauty concern but also cause a lot of pain. To heal this problem, use lotions which contain glycerin or petroleum jelly, and exfoliate your feet to remove the dead skin.

6. Avoid Using Too Hot Water

Most people have a habit to use hot water for taking a shower in cold months. The hot water snatches the natural moisture of skin, making it dry and dull. Be sure to use lukewarm or warm water for taking a shower and apply a moisturizing body lotion right after bath.

7. Use a Humidifier

In the winter months, lack of moist in the air is a major cause of dry skin. To combat this problem, buy two or three small humidifiers and place them at different suitable places at your home.