Top 4 Skin Care Routine & Beauty Tips Step By Step


Skin Care RoutineThe Skin Care Routine & skin regimen at the daily basis may help you to save you from many environmental hazards And it will save you from aging process and helps to keep the youthful appearance.

The Daily Skin Care Routine by Following the Easy Tips as follows:

  • Skin Care Routine STEP #1: It requires the cleansing of the skin at morning and evening. The skin cleansing twice a day by skin compatible products are very effective. Now there are many effective skin products which clean the facial skin in few minutes.
  • Skin Care Routine STEP #2: Apply toner to tighten the pores of the skin. The skin toner used after cleansing the skin. It will again remove the dirt from the pores the toner used is according to the skin type to show the best result. The cotton ball is made and dipped in the toner and swipe across the face. If you are in hurry   then the important features of face as the forehead, Nose and chin are wiped with the cotton ball, because these are the areas where the pores open easily.
  • Skin Care Routine STEP #3: Exfoliate the skin with suitable scrubber and the dead skin is sloughed out. It will be helpful for the formation of the new cells and youthful complexion. The exfoliation helps to revitalize the skin.
  • Skin Care Routine STEP #4:  Use moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth. The moisturizing the skin regularly twice a day helps the aging process to slow down. It will also help to repair if the damage is already done. Apply the moisturizer in right way. First allow the toner to dry completely and then apply the moisturizing lotion at your face. Blend it gently and the vigorous movements of hands are avoided so that the moisturizer gets absorbed in the skin completely.

Skin Care Routine Skin Care Routine


Moisturizers with sun screen combination and age reverse formulas are also available, If this daily regimens of skin care are followed regularly it will surely give the fresh and youthful face for many years by slowing down the aging process.