Skin Care Tips for Fall

Skin Care Tips for Fall
Skin Care Tips for Fall for your skin.

With the changing season your skin demands some changes in your skin care routine. During the fall season, the winds blow and temperature use to remain cold which affect your skin badly. Your body needs moisture to prevent dehydration and you can fulfill body’s demand by consuming lots of water as well as by using moisturizing creams and lotions etc. Some skin care tips for fall season are given below;

Follow these tips keep you looking pretty and attractive through the fall season:

Use lukewarm and mild face cleanser for cleansing the face twice a day; in the morning and before sleeping. It will remove the excess sebum and eliminates the dirt face accepts throughout the day. Avoid removing all the oils of your skin because they are the barriers to protect your skin from external harmful factors.

Use a heavy moisturizer containing SPF protection. Though the summer season has gone but the UV rays are still present and can prove harmful for your skin. The moisturizer with SPF cream will skin dryness due to cold temperatures and winds.

In take plenty of water to maintain skin’s hydration and elasticity. Include regular exfoliation, at least once in a week, in your skin care routine. It removes dead skin cells which, if not removed, can cause breakouts of acne and pimples by clogging the pores. Removal of dead cells also plays role in the development of new skin cells and promotion of smoother softer skin.

Apply chapstick or lip balm over your lips to keep them moisturized and protect them from the harmful affects of wind and cold temperatures.

Your hands need more attention and moisturizing than the rest of your body as because of working in water for the whole day your hands get dry. So, make it a habit to keep a hand cream in your handbag. Place hand cream in bathroom and kitchen as well and make it sure to apply it over your hands just after washing them to prevent them getting dry.