Skin Care Tips For Older Women

Skin Care Tips For Older Women
beautiful period of age when all the skin care and beauty products are worth less before the natural glow of this age.

Skin Care Tips For Older Women – Beauty and make up is not only for the young age. It has been said that the real need of make up is at the age of 40s. As we grow older our make up get more sophisticated and classy. With age makeup is not only required to look beautiful but also it depicts the class from which you belong as well as it hides the signs of ageing.

So in different ages we have to take different steps in make up and skin care:


IN TWENTIES: It is the beautiful period of age when all the skin care and beauty products are worth less before the natural glow of this age. Few applications give more results. But at the same time some of us have to face the different skin problems as facial hair or acne due to hormonal fluctuation. If this is the case then they have to visit the dermatologist with all those steps as their age fellows take. They need to prevent the secretion of oil from the skin and acne removal products either synthetic or home made recipes according to the compatibility of the skin.


IN THIRTIES: It is the age when woman makes her distinct beauty care regimen. as she develop the habit of  proper facial with all steps as cleansing, exfoliation, massaging and application of skin tightening masks with skin toners. Sunscreens are used regularly. The area around the eyes starts to be looked after with great care. The wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness and dark circles will appear if this area is not properly care at regular basis.


IN FORTIES: Now the skin is becoming dry and loosing its elasticity due to reducing quantity of collagen and elastic from the skin. At this age a woman need the serum to lift the skin and for it’s firming.

Night creams are also essential in this age to keep the skin hydrated and moisturize it at regular basis. With all these extra care is needed in diet, exercise and application of make up products. Avoid stress and learn to laugh more give the glow to the skin required especially in this age.

Heavy foundations are avoided as these give the caked appearance and after trapping in fine lines make the entire looks of more aging. Foundations to be used with moisturizers to recover the dry skin. Creamy blush are applied. Wild colors are changed to milder ranges.

Shimmers and neutral shades are used instead of sharp shadows. In eye make up the curling of eye lashes is also give the gorgeous look at this age. Pink, Berry, Coral or Peach shades are applied with lip balm to moisturize the lips.