Skin Care Tips


Skin is the part of body which is the bridge between the outer environment and inner of the body. In spite of whole skin care we should only concentrate upon face or only the exposed parts of the skin. But it is not the right. For a gorgeous look the skin of whole body should be properly cared. The youthful body skin gives the radiant look to your personality. Usually the skin is the body feature which needs inner as well as outer care. The inner care should be done by taking proper and balanced diet contains all essential elements of diet with plenty of water and juices.

The outer skin care needs proper skin cleansing exfoliation and revitalization of skin. So in this way the skin care is more difficult and full time job. However there are some essentials for daily skin care regimen:

  • The first thing to be done on daily basis is the cleansing of skin. For skin cleansing it should be remembered that frequent washing of face skin, many times in a day is not needed. Twice in a day with suitable cleansing soap which is compatible to your skin is sufficient. Usually for facial skin mild soaps or face wash should be used but for the body skin the mild and gentle soaps may be used.
  • After gentle washing of skin the e wet skin is not to be dried by vigorous rubbing the skin, it should be dried by just tapping or using blowing air.
  • After washing moisturizing the skin is also important and necessary, it should be done frequently in winter but in summer once in a day usually at night before going to bed or early morning it should be lavishly moisturized with the suitable day and night lotions and creams in morning the coating of skin with moisturizing cream is a barrier between skin and outer pollution.
  • Exfoliation once or twice in a week is also essential to remove the dead cells of the skin and the pores of skin remain opened. The exfoliation is done with gentle scrubbers and not to be with harsh touch.
  • Skin toners should be used to rejuvenate the skin texture. The rose water I the best skin toner for youthful skin. Especially in summer the skin toning is also essential on daily basis for the healthy skin.
  • Daily find some chill time  to keep your skin stress free and give your skin the radiant glow

Apart with above mentioned tip use healthy diet and plenty of water for the essential care.